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Boutique Wedding Videography for Energetic Couples

Our videography is ideal for those fun and upbeat couples who want a video that captures the love, excitement, energy, and positive vibes that their wedding day projects.

Our highlight videos are summaries of your big day happening within a blink of an eye... or more so within the length of a song or two.

Whether you share it amongst friends and family, or to loved ones who live afar, they'll be sure to get a great overall glimpse of your beautiful wedding. 

And of course, our feature films give you a chance to view your wedding's key events in full documentary style. Don't miss a beat! 


The Packages


Featuring an internet ready Highlight Video to share with family and friends + Documentary Style Ceremony and Reception video Delivered on a Flash Drive!

• 1 Videographer + Assistant
• 8 Hours
• 3 HD Cameras
• High Quality Audio of Vows + Toasts
• 4-5 Minute Highlight Video
• 2-3 Camera Edited Ceremony and Reception Video
• Delivered on Flash Drive
• Light for Reception

• Aerial Shots
• 2 Month Delivery



Featuring an upgraded package with a longer Highlight Video w/ Dialogue Clips and more clips through out the day, video of things captured before, between, and/or after the ceremony and reception*, a fine tuned documentary style video of the ceremony and reception, and Drone Shots!

• 2 Videographers + Assistant
• 10 Hours
• 4 HD Cameras
• High Quality Audio of Vows + Toasts
• 5-7 Minute Premium Highlight Video
• Feature Film of Day’s Key Events (Multi Camera + Fine Tuned Edit)
• 3 Lights for Reception
• Aerial Shots
• 3-4 Month Delivery


 Premium Highlight Samples

Standard Highlight Samples



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